Get a complete workout for chest with this in-home workout

Get a complete workout for chest with this in-home workout

Most people think that pushups are what they need to strengthen their chest muscles. The chest actually includes several muscles commonly divided into the upper chest, lower chest, and mid-chest. Exercises like pushups and bench presses, where your arms are perpendicular to your upper body, target the mid-chest. For a complete chest workout, perform chest exercises at angles to hit all three portions. Better yet, do this without leaving your house by using an exercise cable for an effective in-home workout.

Decline cable fly

The decline cable fly is an effective exercise for the lower chest. The chest fly is a classic pec exercise typically performed with dumbbells or on a pec fly machine, but the easiest way to do cable flye during an in-home workout is using an exercise cable, which is basically an elastic band with handles. There are few chest exercises that really work the lower part of the pectorals, and few ways to do them comfortably. The decline cable fly is the exception.

To do a decline cable fly, wrap the center of a cable around a pole or post, such as a bed post or vertical bar on a window or stairway. Grip the handles and stand facing away from the cable’s anchor point. Open your arms out to the sides and raise them to shoulder level. Pull your arms forward and down until your hands come together in front of your abdomen. Reverse the motion. Repeat 12 to 15 repetitions.

Cable chest press

The cable chest press is the ideal exercise to target the mid-chest. The cable chest press is easy to do in home with the same set up as the incline cable fly, and is much more convenient than using a barbell and exercise bench.

To do a cable chest press, begin in the same position as the incline chest press except hold your arms bent at right angles instead of straight at shoulder level. Turn your palms to face the ground. Press forward until your arms are straight and your hands come together in front of your chest. Reverse the motion. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

Incline cable fly

The incline cable fly is a chest exercise primarily for the upper chest. Working the upper chest adds that extra bit of definition on the top of the pecs that really adds to the overall look.

To do an incline cable fly, start in the same position as the decline cable fly but lower your arms to abdomen level. Pull your arms forward and up so that they meet in front of your upper chest. Reverse the motion to complete one rep. Do 12 to 15 reps.

The decline chest fly, cable chest press, and decline cable fly combine to give you a total chest workout. Exercise cables come in different “weights”; be sure to select the one that fatigues your pecs on the last rep. As you get stronger, consider using a “heavier” cable, or add some variety to your in-home workout by lying on an exercise bench and using dumbbells to mimic the motions. You will need a bench that can adjust to an incline and decline position. Do two to three sets.

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